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Great Minnesota Cheer Off & Mascot Challenge


Saturday October 7th, 2023

Woodbury High School 

 We will offer a Competitive and Non Competitive Option for The Great MN Cheer Off. 

SESSION ONE - Non Competitive

  • This is an option for sideline teams who can’t compete or who would prefer not to compete. Your team will perform all 3 categories and get judges feedback. Depending on the rating of your judge feedback, each team will earn a ribbon.

SESSION TWO - Competitive 

  • This session is for teams who would like to compete just like in the past. During session 2 you will perform 3 categories and be judged by 3 judges. Your scores will determine your placement.

The Great Minnesota Sideline Cheer Off is designed to promote and celebrate Sideline Cheerleading in the state of Minnesota. This event started in 2004 to provide a forum for our sideline cheer teams to be evaluated on what they do.

Teams will perform in four rounds:

  • Game Situation Chant (Defense or Offense)
  • Time Out Cheers
  • School Song

This event is a great opportunity to display your teams school spirit and get ready for cheering your team to their next victory! It isn't about the difficulty; it is about how well you lead the crowd! 

mascot challenge

The Mascot Challenge is a chance for your mascots to show off how they raise school spirit at your events. This event occurs as the final division of the Cheer Off.

Mascots perform a 1 min 30 sec creative skit that encourages crowd participation.

We will offer a Competitive & Non Competitive Round. 

team information & score sheets