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Registration for Teams and Stunt Group is due Saturday, December 22nd, 2018 

Before you can register your teams you will need to make sure at least one coach from your program is a MCCA member for the 18-19 school year. Once you have paid your membership you will gain access to the State Registration forms. When signed into our website you will go to the Coaches Corner and event registrations will be your first option. This will bring you to the state registration forms for teams and stunt groups.

  • Varsity  - $35 per team member
  • Non-Varsity - $30 per team member
  • Team Members competing in two routines (Competitive and Game Day) - $20 for team member
  • Stunt Groups - $10 per team member

Don't forget to complete and submit the following by January 9th:

  • Payment
  • Your team roster with Administration Signature
  • Your Team Photo
  • Your music licensing documentation
  • Waivers for all participants


Click the link to fill out your waiver online:


The Divisions for State 2019 will be as follows for school teams:

Varsity:  Will continue to be split by Class A and AA and we will offer the following divisions.

  • Tumbling 1 (16 or less team members)
  • Tumbling 2 (17-30 team members )
  • Non-Tumbling 1 (12 or less team members)
  • Non - Tumbling 2 (13-30 team members.

Co-Ed Tumbling teams will compete in either Tumbling 1 or 2.  Co-Ed Non-Tumbling teams can have no more than 2 males.

To be on a Varsity Team students will need to be in Grades 7-12. This is different than UCA's guidelines so when holding tryouts if you are planning on attending any UCA events, please consult their division guidelines.

Junior Varsity: We will continue to offer Junior Varsity and Junior Varsity Non-Tumbling. To be on a JV team students will need to be in Grades 7-12.  All Co-ed JV teams will compete in the regular division.  This is different than UCA's new guidelines so when holding tryouts if you are planning on attending any UCA events, please consult their division guidelines.

Middle School: This will be for students in grades 5-9.

Elementary: This will be for students in grades K-6.

Game Day:  NEW  We will be offering two divisions, Tumbling and Non-Tumbling.  These divisions will not be broken down by school size or team size. 

The format and structure of the State Competition will remain the same as 2018.

Session 1:  Elementary Teams, Game Day, All Star Teams, and Stunt Groups

Session 2:  Varsity Prelims

Session 3:  Middle School and JV Teams

Session 4:  Varsity Finals

Music Reminders

The USA Music Copyright Policy is applicable to all MCCA Events. Teams competing in the Minnesota Cheerleading Coaches Association's State Competition and Mascot Challenge are required to follow the national copyright laws. To participate in a MCCA competition, the coach is obliged to fill out the prescribed form guaranteeing that their music mix meets all criterion set forth by USA Music.

NOTE:  MCCA will be securing the music for All State Tryouts and performances to fulfill these same requirements.

Please go to to be sure your music is compliant.  For more information you can also visit 


MCCA is an organization created for the purpose of assisting and encouraging the growth and improvement of cheerleading throughout the state of Minnesota. It is the only governing body for cheerleading in the state that is recognized by the Minnesota State High School League.

MCCA Sponsors

We would like to thank all our vendors who support Minnesota Cheer and the MN Coaches Association. Please click on there icon for more details on their organization.


Please feel free to contact MCCA at:

Thank you