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All State Sideline Team

The purpose of the All State Sideline Team is to honor sideline and game day cheerleaders who excel in cheer, dance, and jumps.

MCCA coaches are invited to nominate cheerleaders from their sideline and game day teams to tryout for the All State Sideline Team!

Registration is located under Coaches Corner.
Registration and video submissions are
due December 19, 2020
No late registrations or submissions will be accepted.

Tryout Submission Due Date: Saturday, December 19, 2020

Tryout Cost: $15 per athlete - Athletes must be registered and paid in order for their video to be judged.

Limit per school: All seniors OR up to 6 athletes

Tryout Material: Athletes will perform the following material for their tryout

  • Cheer - Video and words are below
  • Band Dance - Athlete will choreograph their own band dance to 1 of the 2 songs provided after registration.

Video Submission: Coaches will submit a video of the nominated cheerleader performing tryout material.

For more information on video submission, read through the All State Sideline Information document.


Questions? Email Jenn at

All State Sideline
Tryout Cheer


The Red, Blue, and White

Come on Crowd

Shout it Loud

Yell, Fight All State Fight

Red, Blue, and White

Fight All State Fight

**Jump in the cheer is a Toe Touch**

Tryout Cheer - Front View

Tryout Cheer - Back View